2 houses with 6 homes

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  • COLLECTIVE HOUSING -- Private Comision --
  • Construction of two semidetached houses.

    But, how many homes have two houses?

    Maybe not just 2.

    We like its in definition.

    Are they are 6 houses, 4 or 2…?

    We propose an ambiguous project in relation to size and number of homes.The houses are divided in compact volumes, with different sizes and heights.

    Instead of the options of clearly delimiting the building into twovolumes that correspond to two houses or making them into a single volume, wepropose a combination of volumes, fragments of small houses, which create anarchitecture without scale. Each volume is built with one material only, on theexterior as well as the interior of the houses.
  • COMPANY / FIRM NAME: nodo17-architects/Manuel Pérez Romero
    COUNTRY: Spain

    Project Name: 2HOUSES WITH 6 HOMES
    Location of Site: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

    Design Team: Alegría Zorrilla Miras
    Birga Wingenfeld

    Foreman Builder: Ignacio Delgado Conde
    Structure: JOFEMAR_José Luis Gutierrez

    Infography: Jaime López.
    Project Type: TWOSingle Family HouseS
    Client: PromocionesVirginza
  • Photographs and video: Pablo Cruz    [CRUZIS]