1st Tee Golf Radio Spot

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  • 1st Tee Golf is an FIT (fully independent traveller) golf vacations booking company.  They did a radio buy, running ads three times a day.  Some of the main text had to include particulars, such as website, phone number, and the ad had to specifically mention Kimberley and the company's triple play package.  

    The first part of the ad is the , which is run by the radio station every year.  The second part of the ad, starting with "FOOOOUUUURRR Hundred dollars?"  is where my copy begins.  This was a collaboration as the main information copy was provided by 1st Tee Golf.  Below is the text of the copy, and below that is the full ad as it is heard on the radio.  I should note I had no control over the production team recording the ad, but it gets where I wanted the ad to go.

    Foooouuuuurrrr hundred dollars, that's it?

    Three ninety-nine actually.  I know, not bad for two nights stay and three rounds of golf in Kimberley.  I paid less for the golf vacation than I did for my new driver.

    First Tee Golf is this year's fairways to heaven, and they are inviting you to play the Mecca of mountain golf at Kimberley BC.  Your perfect golf getaway is a few taps away at 1800 661 GOLF or golf and ski dot com.  Stay and play mountain golf packages from $399.00  

    Man, I gotta call first tee.  

    1800 661 GOLF or golf and ski dot com.  Because the only thing better than that perfect tee shot, is having your friends there to see it.