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Kuma. Trabajo de Grado. 2014. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Trabajo con Alex Cárdenas.

FIRST PLACE, Premio academico de Diseño. PAD Javeriana University. 2014
FIRST PLACE, Premios Diseño y punto.Cali, Colombia. 2014
FIRST PLACE, Best Thesis Degree. Universidad Nacional. Colombia. 2015

Movilidad Estratégica. Solution for mobility in the city with 3 main pillars: 1. A virtual assistant in real time travel; 2. A customization platform and maintenance of the product; and finally 3. A product. The latter is a vehicle that aims to cover one-person travels of "micro-zone" (10 km to the point of arrival) strategically and efficiently. It also has other benefits such as: portability and inter mode with mass transit, modular parts, a complete product development life cycle and therefore a low environmental impact.