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    Nucleomituphobia is the name of hole #16 of Off Course. Beyond the hole design, a set of three products were designed to help a person forget abo… Read More
    Nucleomituphobia is the name of hole #16 of Off Course. Beyond the hole design, a set of three products were designed to help a person forget about their fear of nuclear weaponry and the end of the world. Read Less
Nucleomituphobia: Mini Golf Hole & Products
It's the end of the world, and you really shouldn't care.
Nucleomituphobia is described as the irrational and uncontrollable fear of nuclear weaponry. However, the fear is slightly misleading. Often times the person's fear is rooted in the possible of the world ending by an impending nuclear apocalypse.

While the usual treatment might be confronting ones fears to over-come them, access to nuclear device are restricted when it comes to civilian contact. The next best treatment would be for a person to realize that, even if "the bomb is dropped", life will still go on. Even if daily life changes just a bit. I decided to make a series of products ranging in value to demonstrate just how daily life will continue.

All of these products were featured at Hole #16 of "Off Course", a student coordinated exhibition and miniature golf course about strange fears.

Read more about Off Course here.

It was a lot of fun to build a mini-golf hole. Mine featured missiles, fencing, and flashing lights. Sadly, the smoke machine I hooked up was too good at it's job. The exhibition was smoked out in 5 minutes in testing and the machine and it never made it to opening night.

Just because the end of the world has happened, doesn't mean that the good times have to end. The whole family can gather in the kitchen and bake a good old fashioned "yellow cake." Using the visual language of the 50's and 60's to create a strong connection to the good old days. The packaging of this yellow cake is covered with facts about the substance used in making nuclear weapons.

After the nuclear fallout settles, you're going to want to keep in touch with whomever might still be living. The phones will probably be down, as well as the internet, or any other means of electronic communication. I believe the written letter and simple greeting card will make a resurgence back into the primary communication spotlight.

As a light-hearted and uplifting way to make light of rather dismal world, I created a set of five greeting cards specially designed for showing a range of connections. With the help of Kimberly Munn, each witty phrase was accompanied by a sweet and fitting illustration. All the cards are packaged together in a set of five.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Your future is so bright, you gotta wear shades."? Ironically, the afterglow from a nuclear explosions can be blinding. That's where a pair of Afterglows come in.

If there is one thing I've learned from post-apocalyptic movies, it's that any survivors are dressed to impress in even the most barren of wastelands. These nuclear shutter-shades are triple thick offering the protection of a welding mask, and yet offer the same stylish presence required on any red carpet. These shades offer the wearer to just forget the fact they have bigger things to worry about, but they're too busy looking cool to care.