Magic animal world, geometric flat
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    Geometric flat style .

Hey there! My name is Oleg. I'm trying to develop new ways to go in graphic design. My work can be found here dribbble.

Geometric flat style .
I would like to write couple of words about my experiment that became series of illustrations. 
Flat design itself has just few inner divisions on one side and constant demand of the people for something fresh and unusual on the other side. 
That’s how my experimental project was born – I was trying to fill this gap, but its popularity forced me to go further and develop it more. 

Shape and colour
This style is based on distribution of proportions of the simplified geometric shapes and on emphasizing this shapes with colour . I disctinct visual demand for shape and color , as these are two properties perceived separately from each other . Color conveys the emotion, and the proportion and shape play a functional role in the understanding of the image. 
Its not by accident that I chose animals like main topic. I took into account the color saturation and fine shapes that nature has given them . For me it is very exciting ocupation to develop principles of the style and make it into life . 

Every morning look at the world with new eyes : )
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