NIKE Plus / Buenos Aires 8979K Chicago / Challenge.
NIKE Plus. (Arg)
Bs. As. Chicago. 8979k. Challenge.
Work developed at ®FURIA WORLD.
The Nike Plus system is an innovative technology that provides runners with an accurate information about the running performance; It allows to create an online training plan and connect with a world wide community of runners. 

To prommote the sales of Nike Plus, Furia came up with a marketing concept, a big idea: “Why don’t we change an individual sport like running into a social sport.” Let’s run in teams, let’s race together. And all miles together to a common goal.

The objective was to cover the distance between Buenos Aires and Chicago, 8979 K. The team, 15 runners. How?   Adding miles with Nike Plus. The price: the winning team leader gets to run the Chicago Marathon.

The 360º was built around Facebook platform and included OOH, print, t.v., guerrilla, t-shirt graphics, merchandising, viral campaign and PR.

30 running teams completed the challenge and 230 Nike Plus sets were sold in the first two weeks of the competition. 

Rejected opcion of logo.
Final Logo.
the map challlenge.
Facebook aplication & nike web page.
 “Subway” - 30” TV spot
  A man runs into the sub in Buenos Aires and gets out in Chicago.
  “Taxi” -  30” TV spot
  A group of 15 runners run through the city in Buenos Aires, a taxi pass 
  by revealing only one in Chicago.
Graphics for magazines and OOH.
Rolling Stone Magazine.
Cover. (CORRE MAG)
Back Cover. (CORRE MAG)
Insert (CORRE MAG)
LAP Magazine.
VIVA Magazine.
La Nación Magazine.
Outdoor doble graphic poster.
NIKE Plus / Buenos Aires 8979K Chicago / Challenge.

NIKE Plus / Buenos Aires 8979K Chicago / Challenge.

Nike Running Argentina 360º Campaign

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