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 Jamboree ReDesign  /  The idea

With an increasing concern for environmental sustainability and awareness of landfill levels, the ReDesign initiative is an attempt to increase the ‘product longevity’ by shifting the focus off the product as a singular object, with a single lifespan and onto the individual components, which the product encompass’, each with their own ‘component longevity’ thus increasing the product lifecycle and perceived value. The products which are re-assembled using functional modular components sourced from ‘waste products’ should be parametric in their design; easily de-constructed and re-constructed and suitable for a low-volume production.

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Jamboree  /  Dog hammock

The concept behind the Jamboree dog hammock is to subtly collect stray dog fur by harnessing the attraction power of static electricity.
The Hammock Using rubber as a raw material, collected from old flips/flops (or thongs) to created an interwoven brickwork hammock which creates a static charge whilst the dog is lying/moving on it. This static charge attracts the fur onto the rubber which can then be easily disassembled and cleaned. The Frame The frame is designed to be laser-cut and folded out of various materials (inc. steel, aluminium, acrylic, paper) in varying sizes according to the size of the dog. The Cable The connecting cable used in this prototype is one from an old clothes line, which is a steel cable with a plastic outer coating.