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    My commercial work in product, lifestyle and apparel photography for Impossible Camera GmbH Berlin aka The IMPOSSIBLE Project
Selected product, lifestyle and apparel images I have done for Impossible aka
The IMPOSSIBLE Project in Berlin, Germany
Creative Direction / Photography / Post-Production: Lars Brandt Stisen
Styling / Hair & Make-Up: Mette Beate, Debbie Vesey
Models: Mette, Cheyenne and Danny
Assistants: Mette and Daniel
Presentation / Graphics & GIF animation: Lars Brandt Stisen
Special thanks to: Jen Ellerson, Danny Pemberton and Creed O'Hanlon at Impossible
Special credit: "snorkel" image (girl in water) by Patrick J. Clarke
IMPOSSIBLE and the Polaroid legacy
After the last Polaroid factory was closed down with machines disassembled, chemicals and recipes
gone, they did the impossible (hence their name) and remade Polaroid instant film.

IMPOSSIBLE is now producing several Polaroid compatible formats of instant film based on their own
photochemical recipes, and with 200 million Polaroid instant cameras still out there it should be well
worth the effort. Apart from offering refurbished Polaroid cameras to go with their film (hence all the
Polaroid products in this gallery) IMPOSSIBLE also produce camera equipment like the Instant Lab
devised by former Leica designer Achim Heine and engineered at the former Rollei factory in Germany.

This is just a small selection among hundreds of images from numerous photo shoots I have done
over the past year for the IMPOSSIBLE Creative HQ in Berlin.