My Modernist Dragonfly
The Beginings
For some time I have been working on designing this tattoo for myself.
I completely adore the modernist era, every jewel and every design own organic lines of Art Nouveau and geometries that define Art Deco.
Inspired jewelry design and the time and architectures I am creating this small dragonfly. So I did that sketches.
Part One
The body is made of pure geometry, mixing dotwork with linearwork.
Triangles and Doodle mixture attempt to make a body weight in the central zone (where the wings will be drawn) and a clear longitudinal direction.
Part Two
Working on the design of wings with multiple combinations of patterns and geometries.
I draw designs vintage brooches, emphasizing the weight on the top of the wing, creating an original design; leaving the bottom of the wing more lighter, more closely looking like reality.
Definitive design of the wings.
Composition of the finished dragonfly.
Part Three
To make further highlight once tattooed, I have made this geometric background following the line of the body.
As shall be located on the side also enhances the line between the chest and hips.

This is the result of the dragonfly and background together.
Final Art
Once completed the design I decided to translate it into a sheet to see the finished assembly. 
I made the design creating a background in pastel tones using watercolors cold for it. Once done the same, I began to draw upon him the final design of my composition. 
This is the result of the final art.
After I let him know my friend's tattoo idea I had with my design did not hesitate to support my project. 
After several days going into his study and readjusting the design to shaping it into my skin, we got down to work. 
It took four hours of hard work but ended up very happy with the result obtained.
Special thanks to El Tio tattoo for their hard work. 
The Final Result
Thanks to my photographer friend Nalia Arenas, as it has helped me to show you the end result of my project thanks to their fantastic photographs. 
I hope to add some more soon as they are in my possession. 
Amazing treatment she does with lights and shadows and dedication she brings to her work. Great artist.
Hope you like it.
Miss Hope
My Modernist Dragonfly

My Modernist Dragonfly

My Dragonfly's tattoo desing. Hope you like it.