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    Landscapes of the United Arab Emirates
The 'consumption' project was selected as a finalist for the Syngenta Photography Award, Professional Commission, and was exhibited at Somerset House in London in 2015. The 'Scarcity-waste' exhibition went on to tour Brazil later in the year.
This project looks at landscapes in the United Arab Emirates that have been impacted upon by the practices of modern human consumption. This may variously include the extraction and production of resources, processing of the same, manufacturing and construction, logistics, retail, end use and ultimately waste management, disposal and reuse. 
Sometimes the exact nature of the land use photographed remains mysterious.
The landscape of the UAE was essentially wild and almost entirely natural until very recently.  Previously, the appearance of this landscape had only altered on a geological, or at least climatic, timescale. The occupiers of this landscape considered it with a mostly critical eye and understandably so; it might be argued that this was an environment that human life largely did battle with in order to survive.
In the last 50 years, and most particularly in the last 15, rampant development and exponential population growth, mainly through economic migration, have left few areas untouched. 
I am most interested in the places on the fringe of human activity; places that could neither be called natural nor developed, that maybe once were beautiful but are now scarred.
Electricity and Desalination plant, Dubai
Abandoned property development, Dubai
Building rubble landfill site, Dubai
Car logistics centre, Jebel Ali, Dubai
Billboard, Jebel Ali, Dubai
Donkeys feeding on refuse, Umm Al Quwain
Abandoned property development, Umm Al Quwain
Pylons, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi
Marble Quarry, Hatta
Reed bed sewage treatment and landfill, Umm Al Quwain
New housing development, Abu Dhabi
Forestry project, Western Region
Abandoned canal development, Dubai
Sewage treatment, Sharjah
Abandoned artificial canal, Dubai
Emirates railway, Western Region
Pipeline, Abu Dhabi
Mangrove forestry project, Western Region
Forestry project, Western Region
Timber waste management, Sharjah
Gravel crusher, Ras Al Kheimah
Mangrove project, Western Region
Sand quarry, Western Region
Pylons and power plant, Western Region
Nuclear power station under construction, Western Region
Cyanobacterial mat on sabkah, Western Region
Al Ruwais refinery, Western Region
Sila Peninsula, Western Region
Dredging project, Western Region
Al Ruwais, Western Region
Shams 2 Solar park, Liwa
Forestry project, Abu Dhabi
Farming, Liwa
Tyre incinerator, Liwa
Dredging project, Western Region
Farm, Liwa
Landscaping, Abu Dhabi
Sabkah, Western Region
Mangrove project, Western Region
Gravel quarry, Hatta
Shopping Mall, Dubai