International Youth Day 2011 Theme
TheInternational Youth Day 2011 was celebrated on the 20th of July in theJordanian capital Amman, the full day celebration was organized by the UnitedStates Agency for International Development, and gathered more than 500 Youthparticipants and many other guests in the Sports City Amman, the event was fullof activities, starting from educating lectures, ending with all kinds ofinteractive sports.

The design was chosen to be the IYD's 2011 Theme upon a nation widecompetition, it started as a replication of the seven-pointed star of Jordan,then divided and colored, the design connected the two aspects of dynamism andaspiration of Jordanian youth, and in the same time expressed their loyalty anddeep connection they have for their country.

This design won the admiration and support of the guests at the event, peoplefrom very diverse walks of life thought it spoke out with their words, a postby the Jordanian Mission Director on the USAID blog described the design as a"Modern and sophisticated one".