As of 2010  I am a board member of the Neural by Design Foundation, which aims to apply knowledge and skills in applied psychology and neuroscience to solving real world problems for various industries and institutions, including non-profits,  educational entities, and regular businesses.

The images used thus far are for reference and to illustrate the direction of the design.

The key strengths of the team behind Neural by Design is it's multidisciplinary board of directors, with people with diverse backgrounds in economics, marketing, neuroscience, art, design and Business. 

So, taking from one of the team's favorite ideas "an interconnected world for an interconnected mind", the identity was developed to represent interrelated neurons, disciplines and people.
Once the identity is 100% finished, the next development will be the website. For now, I designed a simple placeholder text and email subscription field. 

Note that when this was set up it used the previous version of the logo, set in rich black.