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    Christmas communication for an infamous russian vodka Russian Standard.
Russian Standard Vodka needed a christmas gift for their partners, both local and international. They needed something that was a mash-up of russian traditions and contemporary russian spirit, naming Denis Simachev as the main reference. It also had to be related to Christmas and especialy New Year, since it is much more popular and widely celebrated in Russia.

I've researched a lot:
The idea came spontaniously. Russians tend to accept the idea of chinese calendar, that every year has an animal as a symbol of it. 2009 turned to be the year of the cow. So it all just mashed-up well: russian traditional patterns, trendy colors, milk, vodka, christmas tree decorations... They all mixed up to create something new.
The communication became a simplistic box with four small milk cartons with vodka. Alternatively they coud contain vodka, mineral water, coffee liquior and cream, so the reciever could fix himself a "white russian" - a famous and very popular cocktail around the globe.
The boxes, either emtied or not, could also become a christmas tree decoration. All four of them have a special hole in the top, so they could be hung with threads or something else.