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    Exterior design of USB-flash drive covers for "Project 111" Ltd., 2010-2012.
USB-Devices Design
Few samples of my work with cover design of USB-devices. All items were produced in 2010-2012 by "Project 111" Ltd., Russia.
For my experiences with cover design of USB-devices I worked with various materials such as metal, PVC, different sorts of wood.
"Corkscrew" USB-flash drive cover made of metal.  Move the levers to open or close the memory.
"Corkscrew" USB-flash drive cover. Back side of metal cover with levers in "close" position, and the package of natural cork.
"Corkscrew" USB-flash driver cover and the real corkscrew.
"Rouble" USB-flash drive cover, made of birch wood.
"Golden rouble" USB-flash drive cover. As a visual image for shape I used official sign of russian currency.
"The Knight`s Move" USB-flash drive cover.
Double flash drive (4Gb+2Gb). Maple and birch wood used.
"Rocket" USB-flash drive cover made of PVC.
"Fruits" - kit of five USB-flash drives made of PVC.