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    American vintage lookalike shots
Than Now...
American Vintage

Santa Monica, California
Surf! Oceanside, California
Kiss! Manhattan, New York
Love! Fleamarket in Manhattan, New York
Live! Somewhere in California
Play! West Hollywood, California
Eat! Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
Dance! Skate dancer at the Central Park, New York
Remember! Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
Cruise! Los Angeles, California
Cheers! Brooklyn, New York
Die! Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California
Kill! Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
Survive! Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
Pimpin`! SoHo Manhattan, New York
Selling! Fleamarket in L.A., California
Rollin`! South Beach Miami, Florida
Waiting! On the Bowery, New York
Shopping! Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California
Watching! Time Square, New York
Chill! Los Angeles, California
Smoking! Florida
Show! Venice Beach breakdancers, Los Angeles, California
Shoot! Brooklyn, New York
Do! Chinatown, Manhattan, New York
Relax! Brooklyn, New York
Stuck! Brookyln, New York
Leave! San Diego, California