Branding + website for Colombian/Czech NGO Asocheca
Asocheca is the Colombian-Czech Association, a non-profit which aims to bridge the gap between people and culture in Colombia and the Czech Republic. It has a strong focus on culture and on inviting people from both countries to get to know each other. Recently, it has replaced the Czech Embassy in Colombia.

I was approached by them to develop a new logo and blog; working together, we decided on culture and invitation as being the two core messages we wanted to convey.
The logo was made with the underlining text reading Colombian-Czech Association in both Spanish and Czech.
Though the text under the logo has the grammatically correct spelling for the institution, in both languages, the word
Asocheca in itself combines the use of the typically Czech "č" and the spanish "Ch" letter in the same word, both representing the same sound in each language.
A Custom hachek mark on the "C" was designed. 

Short for "a
sociación colombo-checa", a very slight space was added between the "O" and the "C" to make the logo still communicate this subtly in black and white. 
  Original photo by Jiri Sebek
Above and below are the first prototypes for a dynamic header displaying random photographic illustrations of interesting places or landmarks in Czech Republic and in Colombia.
Header photography made from originals contributed by Carlos Velasco, a friend and member of Asocheca, from his trips around Czech Republic and Colombia.
The website is in the last stages of development. It currently has the standard blog-as-home to maximize visibility and SEO ranking, and an about us, faq and contact page along with other topic-specific subpages and full blog functionality such as commenting and keyword tagging and searching and a personalized contact form.

Most text is currently dummy text. 

The site will be managed through Wordpress.