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 Airship Archangel is an emergency response, disaster relief airship, designed by Thomas Grimm, (principle inventor) with design support by Reindy Allendra and technical, engineering support of Dr. Gregory Smedley. Archangel was designed to enhance the capabilities of emergency response organizations in providing emergency medical services and emergency power, and in transporting personnel, supplies, equipment and other materials to increasingly numerous and dispersed locations around the world to respond to any crisis. Archangel will support Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief challenges throughout the world.

Archangel leverages composite material science to achieve a frameless lightweight airframe design enabling increased speed, lift and cargo capacity. Deployable/retrievable high-value modules provide enhanced operational and mission flexibility. Unified power electronics enable hybrid integration of propulsion; energy generation, storage and tethered wind-power generation for both on-grid and off-grid electrical power delivery for airborne operations and ground operations. On board antennae and communications systems can provide support for emergency disaster management, military operations, environmental monitoring or other missions.

The Archangel can travel quickly to disaster areas, including locations not accessible by other modes of transportation and deliver emergency power to operations on the ground. Emergency power and communications are essential following natural and man-made disasters. Often essential power and communications are disrupted in emergencies due to damaged infrastructure, such as downed power lines, cell phone towers and power plants. Failure to communicate critical information to civilians and civil authorities combined with lack of power for critically needed services, such as emergency medical operations during an emergency which may last for extended periods of time, can be devastating. When communications and power break down during critical events, emergency response remains uncoordinated, too little arrives too late, and the cost is measured in human lives and an untold loss of essential, critically needed resources. Over the last decade billions of people have been affected by disasters, with the extensive loss of life and costs that have soared into the trillions of dollars

Archangel's "Go Anywhere" deployment capability can deliver emergency power, communications support and cargo, directly to any place where it is needed. Mission capabilities include rapid deployment of the Archangel Airship faster than by ship, at lower cost than airlift and can be ready to operate immediately. From emergency response and relief, to military supply and support, to shoring construction materials for damaged infrastructure, the lightweight, highly maneuverable airship can be delivered into dense urban centers or remote landscapes, where roads may be impassable due to flooding, damaged bridges and roads. Archangel has a unique, hybridized propulsion/power generation systems. The airship is made of advanced, lightweight, high-strength composites materials. The airship has vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities. Airship landing systems can accommodate ground winds up to 80 knots. Innovative methods for cargo handling including a roll-on roll-off and winching system cargo bay for use in austere and unimproved locations and onboard manned flight control and navigation systems.

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