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    Compilation of best works @ iMusicaCorp so far.
It was given as a gift for partners and employees in the end of 2013. The art is inspired by many elements that surrounds the company: music, its former ingredient / The city of Rio de Janeiro. Although iMusica got representatives spread all over South America, the company was born in Rio and has a carioca soul / Technology, which makes music business possible through many ways / Devices, the door from which iMusica reaches each final consumer.

The shape came from the 'medley concept' of Escher's 'The Evolution'. I needed something possible to be drawn on a small space and yet attractive to the eyes. The company's logo represents the sun and blue is one of the two colors mostly used in the iMusica's visual identity. The inner part contains an explanation page with the three business models of the company.
Moleskine illustration, inspired by music, Rio de Janeiro, technology and devices.
This is the holidays' special card attached to the moleskine. As well as the gift above, the concept of the card is music, the city of Rio, technology and devices, but it goes a little bit futher, with many holiday icons included among the other ones.
Holidays' special card attached to the moleskine

It was created for the challenge of decorating iMusica's office. So I made an experiment, slicing the parts of good images of well-known singers / composers picked by the CEO and made big puzzles in halftone style from them. I aimed at shortening the distance between iMusica and the people who inspire the work in there.
It measures 1.5m x 1.5m.
Puzzle composition hung on the wall (Complete art + details) - John Lennon
The company has a big amount of partners, from record lables to music stores and streaming music services. Sometimes a couple of cover arts have to be done for these labels.
Check some of them below
EP Anitta
The official version and my alternative version
Do It (by Lenine)
The single was used by SportTv in ads
Bonde dos Brabos - Single (by Nego do Borel)
Cheguei no Pistão - Single (by Nego do Borel)