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DRYRUN is a boutique luxury hair salon base in west london. DRYRUN is all about modern, minimal, elegant with a little edge twist. The main logo is the combination of D and R, using the bottom angle of R to "hair cuting" the bottom of D, and take the the minimal one line to combided the "cut D" to created a D R mixed logo. 
The main idea of the website is keep it clean and simple, cause the hair is all about colour and different kind of fashion pics, so shound not be complex. Therefor the home page and the artical page is really clean, and beacuse of the target of the DRYRUN client is fashion forward and love social midea. So there is a session call "carry us". This page allow DRYRUN to interact with them, designers can uplad pics once they provide a amazing service to clinets, as well as the hair fashion trends etc.
This project is not a live project, it is a personal project
The pictures of each haircut own by its own creator, here, is only for demo, no business use.