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    Coffe 200 Years
200 Years Coffee   


Branding & Packaging


Is a coffee brand created to please discerning palates and connoisseurs of a real cup of coffee, the work consisted in redesigning the brand and its former name "Euphonia", the client was looking for a name much easier pronunciocion and greater Remembrance, by which decided to take the name of "200 years", and based on a particle Euphonia bird bird of Colombia was created, the idea was to get a very clean and clear symbol that showed how special this particular organic coffee, below be able to observe the designs, photographs and developed parts.

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The images shown on this network Behance are full authorship of the design studio "David Espinosa interdiciplinary Design Studio" and are protected under all laws and regulations legal attributed to such projects or developments, therefore if they are used or published without right or permission from us the proper and legal procedures sanctions are they comfort.
Legal Team "DEIDS"

The images included in the visual mockups and renders of the pieces are images of reference for client presentation.