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    Images of Geocoins I've designed
Geocoin Designs

A geocoin is a trackable coin that is used in the global game of Geocaching (see www.geocaching.com for more details). Geocoins are designed by individuals or groups of geocachers and then minted, often as a kind of signature item and can be highly collectable among geocachers.

Each geocoin is engraved with its own unique tracking code, which allows the coin to be activated and then given a specific goal or mission by the owner. Then the coin is put into a cache and sent to travel the world, and other geocachers use the tracking code to log the coin in and out of caches to record its journey.

Below are the coins I have designed and had minted since May 2010.

Coins that are still available can be purchased here.

Original artwork for the 'Something Fishy' Geocoin.
Finished Coin
Front of Black Nickel version of the Something Fishy Geocoin
Original artwork of the Kaieke Geocoin
Final Coin - Green Version
Yellow Version
Blue Version
White/ Glow in the Dark Version
Antique Bronze Version
11-11-11 Suncatcher Geocoin Artwork
Red/Yellow Version
Green/ Yellow Version
Blue/ Yellow Version
Limited Edition Antique Bronze Version
Limited Edition Antique Silver Version
Limited Edition Antique Copper Version
Artist Edition 1
Artist Edition 2
 Artist Edition 3
Mehndi Mandala Geocoin Artwork
Kiwi Quake Fundraiser Version
Antique Copper Version
Peacock Splendor Version
Warm Lime Version
Double Delight Version
Psycho Rainbow Version
Antique Silver Version
Summer Sunset Version (Black Nickel)
Midnight Sapphire Version
Silver Sapphire Version
Green and Bronze Version
Antique Bronze Version
Blue Scarab Geocoin (front)
Blue Scarab Geocoin (back)
Green Scarab Geocoin
Red Scarab Geocoin
Glow Scarab Geocoin
Two Tone 12-12-12 Geocoin (front)
Two Tone 12-12-12 Geocoin (back)