"How to Ride an Elevator" Comic Book
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    Without using words, this comic book explains how to ride an elevator through the storyline of a secret agent with a briefcase.
"How to Ride an Elevator" Comic Book
A commonplace task explained without words through a secret agent comic adventure
At any given point there are between 3,000 and 8,000 languages in the world, some speaking a language only understood by a handful of others. However, the power of the picture is cuts through the language barrier and is able to explain even the most alien of concepts in an understanding way.

Given the challenge of explaining to someone "how to ride and elevator" without words, I instantly wanted to do a comic book that would not only educate the viewer, but entertain them as well. I even managed to fit in the ad for x-ray specs and sea monkeys.
This comic follows a lone secret agent as he makes his way with a briefcase to a professor on the top floor. But what possible dangers will he encounter? Will he be found out by henchmen patrolling the building? All the while the reader learns how to call the elevator, proper etiquette toward fellow passengers, elevator-rider space management, and how to stop and elevator door from closing by sticking your arm in it.