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    Rascal's Summer Promo
Rascalsummer.gr was the summer self promo of Rascal S.A. 
We wanted to wish in a creative way to everyone a happy and joyfull summer. We came up with the following wish "No matter what the flavor of your summer will be, let it be awsome!" 
Thus, we created 50 (+1) ice cream flavors, inspired by the greek summer, and a website where anyone could find them and share them with their friends. 
Art direction, illustration & web-design: druantiadesign
Copywriter: Giorgos Emmanouil 
Creative Director: Christos Koutsoukos
Ice cream names: "the Rascal gang"
Animation: Marinos Kaklamanis
Visite the project @ rascalsummer.gr
50+1 summer ice creams
flip-flop ice cream
"i stepped on urchins" ice cream
"moscito bites" ice cream
"night on the beach" ice cream
nudist beach ice cream
"the jaws" ice cream
brazilian ice cream
greek lover ice cream
armband ice cream
sex on the beach ice cream
greek fair ice cream
cicada ice cream