A graduation project by Meidad Marzan
Urbantiles deals with the re-use of light and exploiting the solar energy in order to create a new aesthetic opportunity in an urban scale.

Changing the city scenery
The city & its buildings are epic light objects that emit light energy as far as the outer space. That, while in daytime the city absorbs great sun energy not being used at all. The cycle of light & lighting in the urban space made a design intervention, that along with other urban values, stood in the basis of this project.
The lighting cities
Other urban values I chose to express were:
Grid & Chaos – Referring to the architecture grid trying to discipline the chaotic human behavior.
Indoors & Outdoors – Disappearanceof the indoors and outdoorsborderline.
Grid & Chaos
In & out borderline disappearance 
The object is a window blind (architectural detail) with O-LED on the one side, and photo-voltaic panel on the other. In daytime it absorbs the sunlight, in evening time enlighten the indoors, and in night time it turns to the city and share the light it took at daytime.
Wall mounted interface
Mechanism blow-up
Awarded by the Manufacturers association of israel.