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    Here's a compilation of printed works I made (mostly) during my time at O Dia Newspaper. Covers, Illustrations, infographics, etc.
A compilation of printed works I made, mostly during my time at O Dia newspaper.
Covers, Illustrations, infographics, etc.
Cover for the technology section of O Dia (in Rio de Janeiro).
"WIFI - How to find the best and safest connections"
Another cover for "Digital & Tal", the technology section of the O Dia newspaper.
"ARE YOU AVOIDING ME? When the SMS turn out and excuse for escaping from arguing."
An image that illustrated a text about stress published by O Dia newspaper.
"7 tips to avoid virus while browsing the web." from Digital & Tal, in O Dia Journal.
Image for a report about the concern around the risk of having a lack of 3G during the World Cup in 2014.
An infographic that shows some data about parents and children on the social media.
Created for the health section of the O Dia newspaper.
A simple infographic about the Dummy.
Created for the cars section of O Dia newspaper.
Another simple infographic. This one talks about liver transplantation. For O Dia newspaper.
Special headers for highlighted subjects - Marca Campeão newspaper.
Brazilian soccer championship score table - O Dia newspaper.
An illustration of a mite for a publication about winter home cleaning. O Dia newspaper.
Image 1: Cover I created for a book
Image 2: Its back + dust jacket
Basic branding guide for CECID.
The company got the logo, but didn't have the application rules and other standards for using it.