leinsweiler hof – hotel branding and design

Freiraum für dich. The new visual identity for the german hotel leinsweiler hof.

The Task
leinsweiler hof is a german hotel with a fanstastic view. They recently got a new owner and wanted to reposition and rebrand their hotel to become more attractive to a younger audience.

The SOlution
We started with a brand strategy session where we defined our goals, talked about the vision of the house and it’s audience. It was clear that we needed to be very careful to find the balance between attracting a younger audience but also not scare the current one.

The custom logotype does exactly that. It pays tribute to the characteristics of their old one, but translates them into a more modern and sophisticated looking logo.

The monogram is constructed out of the l and h and is shaped like their iconic arched gate. Thus every contact with their new brand abstracts the feeling of arriving there.

We also created the new tagline „Freiraum für dich“, which can be translated to „space for you“. Their mission as a leading hide away resort in the region is to help their guests to relax, calm down and unwind.

With the help of the custom typeface each character becomes a brand ambassador.

Our services
Branding, Design & Typedesign

Branding, Design, Typeface by Norman Dubois
Motion Design by Davide Perozzi
Print by Thomas Karcher, Butz & Bürker
Drone Video by Accenty

A project by UNDESIGNED

leinsweiler hof – hotel branding and design

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leinsweiler hof – hotel branding and design

Branding, design and custom typeface design for the german hotel and hide away leinsweiler hof. We helped them with their strategy, branding, des Read More