For a school assignment I had to to design a family house. This house is part of the TETRIS-project in Bruges. The project consists of 3 phases: Voorontwerp, Final Design and Execution Design
Because it is a school assignment this is a fictional project. 

The details of the construction:
The house is a part of the TETRIS-project in the Stalijzerstraat in Bruges.
The masterplan determines how the residences are connected to each other and where the private and public spaces are.
Building Programme:
Maximum 85% of the existing floor surface can be used. The other 15% has to be cut out of the volume.
- Entrance
- Living room
- Kitchen
- 2 bedrooms
- Bathroom with toilets
- Outside spaces (garden, roof terrace, green roof)
- Storage spaces (technical space and storage space)
- Working area
- Vertical circulation (stairs)
To strengthen the spaciality you have to provide at least one 'vide' (open space in the ceiling) in the building.
Building Prescriptions:
The eaves can maximum be 1230 cm high.
Only flat roofs are permitted, every flat roof has to be elaborated as a green roof, a roof terrace or a field for sun panels. 
To prevent that you look inside the garden/house of the neighbour following prescriptions have to be followed:
- Garden or terrace walls have to be 220 cm high.
- Or there has to be a non-walkable zone with a width of 120 cm
- Or there has to be a balustrade of 90 cm high and 60 cm wide.
Total depth of outside walls is 40 cm, 14 cm is bearing. Bearing walls inside are 14 cm wide, not-bearing inside walls are 9 cm wide. 
Total thickness of the floor is 30 cm, with a bearing structure of 16 cm.
- Ventilation system C
- High rendement gas heater
- Sun boiler 

This project contains:
  - Visualizations edited in photoshop 
  - Locationplan
  - Regional plan
  - Implantation plan
  - Floor plans
  - Section cuts
  - Facade plans


My second assignment for school

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