Penguin Trios Project
Second Year Book Cover Project
In my second year of University, we were given a book cover project. We were given different sets of books to choose from. The sets are for 'Penguin Trios', where sets of books would be sold together. I chose to do the set of three horror books, Dracula by Bram Stoker, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Jekyll and Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.
I wanted to aim my book covers at younger readers, from teenagers to young adults, as most of the covers for these books in the shops are quite dark and could give the impression that they're for much older readers.
For this project, I wanted to do something illustrative, so I drew organs and scanned them in. They are meant to represent the characters, but not in an obvious way. Each cover illustrates what each character survives on and an organ relating to it. Blood in a heart for Dracula, lightening/electricity in a brain for Frankenstein and chemicals/potion in a stomach for Jekyll and Hyde.
The type on the covers is Arsenale White. I wanted something that looks quite handwritten, to go with the illustration style. With the background on the covers, it looks like a blackboard, with chalk writing on.
For the spines and backs of the books, I wanted to keep it quite simple, so I used a simple font, which is Caviar Dreams, and I used the same colours, which I used on the front cover.
The last image is of a poster promoting the book cover series, I kept this very simple and straight to the point.