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Refining Raw: Sculpting UGC ads

Refining Raw: Sculpting UGC ads
What exactly goes into the creation of a short "User Generated" video ad for TikTok?

The end result is supposed to give an organic feel, like the talent rolled out of bed and casually decided to promote a product.

However, the world's collective attention span is shortening. It's increasingly important on the editing side to trim as much fat as possible while adding bits and pieces along the way that hold viewer attention.

Let's start with the end result:
Take a look at the timeline for this "simple" video.

This is a combination of the initial ad read, B-roll, sound effects, subtitles and some linked motion graphics from After Effects.
The raw script read comes out to 54 seconds. After editing, rearranging phrases and cutting out any dead air we were able to trim that down to 40 seconds (a 26% reduction).

Once the script and raw footage is trimmed, we scrub through the B-roll to get some selects, layering them on top of the script read.
Then on to motion graphics.

We have one 4 second time lapse (the initial unboxing was about 2 minutes long)
along with a rotoscoped cut of the talent.
She also mentions "squids", the perfect opportunity for a quick mograph punch.
Sprinkle in some quick swipes for a smoother transition between
the selfie footage and B-roll.
Last but not least, it's time to mix down all of the sound effects, music and vocals.

Vox are most important so they get a denoise pass, then compressed and equalized to stand out on phone speakers.

Afterwards the tracks are mixed together and a limiter on the master bus glues everything together.
That's our quick BTS of what goes into that "natural" sponsored post that pops up in your TikTok feed.

A bit more effort than what initially meets the eye.

Thanks for reading! As a bonus treat here's an alt version with everybody's favorite robo voice 🤖🤘
Refining Raw: Sculpting UGC ads

Refining Raw: Sculpting UGC ads