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    Logo and brand identity exploration for a web startup dedicated to caretakers and families of the elderly.
In developing a logo and brand identity for startup Carepond, we took inspiration from watery imagery including fish, ducks, and ripples, but also explored alternate approaches, such as the zen garden, sand represents water.
One alternate approach was a simple typographic solution which lends to expansion across different properties or offerings.
Inspired by the idea of the pond, we can use a mascot such as a fish for the main logo. An animal like this helps reinforce a sense of playfulness and vitality. The clean lines will keep things tranquil and positive, adding some maturity.
Clean typography with a continuous thickness can match the mascot.
This concept uses bolder typography set in all caps, and an abstract icon based on the idea of the Zen Garden. The sand is a metaphor for water, so it relates back to the idea of the pond.
The colour palette here will be more like stone than water, with cool greys and muted blues. We can introduce new shades, but keep the logo as a one-colour design.
We can maintain a high-contrast in colour which will keep the logo readible and help keep the brand assertive, stable, consistent ... like a stone.
This approach would be a typographic approach only, without an icon or symbol.
The choice of these typefaces creates an association with the established healthcare, beauty, fashion, and hospitality industries. This brand identity is closer to a the magazine you’d read at a spa than the website your teenagers are addicted to. 
Here, we can separate the two words by using an Italic with a Roman variation of two similar typefaces. This creates some some tension and makes it more dynamic than simply “typing it out.”
To draw additional focus to “care” we can separate the two words by colour. Using a dark magenta gives a hint of emotion without going completely sappy with a bright pink, as you might see for Cancer, or Red, as you might see for Valentine’s Day.