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    Get Jesse Kuhn of Raw Toast Design’s art on your iPhone and put some illustration inspiration in your pocket with this art gallery app!
RTD in Your Pocket

I’m excited to officially announce here on Behance that you can now fit RTD comfortably in your pocket with the new Art of RTD app. It’s currently available over in the Apple iTunes store - http://bit.ly/Art-App-RTD.

Please check it out, give it a spin, and post a review. I have personally handpicked this selection that showcases 36 illustrations of RTD’s most popular artwork. Each illustration includes an artist’s description and commentary about each one giving the viewer even more insight about the origin of the images. Every illustration can easily be saved and set as a wallpaper for your iPhone screen as well.

As always I really appreciate your support! It’s currently on sale for .99 cents, so go shake that couch, grab some quarters, nickles, and pennies, and put a little RTD magic in your pocket - http://bit.ly/Art-App-RTD

I’ve got a few extra promo codes to give away to the first lucky few... so get 'em while they're hot!

Available here -  http://bit.ly/Art-App-RTD