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Bullfrog Power - Be Powerful Campaign
Bullfrog Power
Be Powerful Campaign

Proud to be the Art Director & Lead Designer for Top Drawer Creative on the the award-winning “Be Powerful, Be Bullfrog Power” campaign. The campaign featured everyday people posed like superheroes. The idea was anybody could be an environmental super hero–simply by switching to 100% green energy with Bullfrog Power. The archetypical imagery and striking call-to-action was a potent antidote for consumers looking to enhance their personal brand through association with sustainability.

Creative was used in a variety of mediums including a custom Corporate Welcome Package, Magazine Print, Web, Promotional materials and Out-of-Home media (TSA’s and Billboards) which were placed around the specifically targeted neighbourhoods.
Primary Campaign Image
Corporate Welcome package
A custom die-cut folding package which acts as a communication piece and package for the introductory welcome materials including, lawn sign, decals and certificate.
Out-of-Home Transit Shelter creative
Corporate Knights Magazine Ad Series
Creative was positioned as 1/4 page ads placed on consecutive pages in the issue.
Air Miles promotional E-blast creative
T-shirt & promotional button creative

Client: Top Drawer Creative Inc.
Note: The work featured here is under copyright protection and ownership of the client.

Bullfrog Power - Be Powerful Campaign

Bullfrog Power - Be Powerful Campaign

Award-winning “Be Powerful, Be Bullfrog Power” campaign created for Bullfrog Power.