Purpose of Game Engines
Purpose of Game Engines

A computer game engine is the overall building aspect of a video game. It provides the software needed by game developers so they can use them to create and edit content for video games. They can feature a large range of tools to help a game developers into creating a game there are many aspects such as renderers, animation and scripting. The engines allow the process of video games to be economized. This is because you can use the same game engine to create different games. Computer game engines use a variety of programming languages, such as Java and C++.
The purpose of a game engine is to provide an arsenal of visual development tools for a developer to help them in the production process. They enable a rapid development by simply being able to re-use meshes, code and textures. It is like a toolbox with all aspects of creating a game such as audio, graphics and AI functions.Ever since video games existed, it took a while for game engines to be part of the industry. Games would have to be made completely from scratch to make the optimal use of the hardware. The first few games engines came around in 1983, in the form of 2D game creation systems for independent use.
2D Game Engines
2D game engines are used to create 2D games across a range of platforms but wouldn’t include touch mechanics for these game, these would be purely for button games. To add touch for mobile games, you would have to use a mobile game engine. These types of games can be found on consoles, mobile devices and on the internet. These types of games would always use sprites due to the style of the engine. Everything in 2D always tends to be fairly simple such as the controls will limit to a few keyboard controls or mouse movement. If there are any AI characters in the game, they tend to be easy and the design just revolves around being a simple game. Overall 2D games aren't that too difficult to make.
An Example of a 2D game engine would be Starling Framework who created the 2D game Angry Birds Friends which was a puzzle videogame designed as the sixth game in the Angry birds series, it was originally an exclusive Facebook game released February 13, 2012.
3D Game Engines
3D game engines are the most complicated game engines currently available at the moment. With the evolution of technology ever expanding, anything is possible within the limitations of a 3D environment. By far the most complicated of engines to use and this is down to the amount of factors there are for a single action. For example, you might be importing a mesh into the 3D space. That might be simple on a 2D engine where you only have to worry about 2 dimensions but for 3D, you have to worry about more dimensions. This is just one of the factors that differs the two engines.
The assets tend to require a lot more talent and skill to pull off and most professional companies will only take on staff with experience of creating the assets, for example 3D modellers are hired to make characters therefore they will only hire the best for designing someone like Ezio from the Assassins Creed series.
An example of a game that uses a 3D game engine is TERA, a MMORPG game that was created using Unreal 3 Engine. TERA was released on PC and created by the Japanese gaming company called Bluehole Studios on May 3rd in Europe and May 1st in North America.
Game Engines
UDK Unreal Engine
Unreal was another great game engine that was created in history of the game industry. Widely known for its own Unreal and Tournament games, at first it started off as an engine that only made games for the first person shooter genre. Eventually it was the basics of many RPG titles, including Mass Effect which was one of the most successful franchises known to the gaming industry .Unreal is truly one of the most popular game engines among community modders, as it was the first game engine to be packaged with a map editor alongside the game. This allowed the community to show their creativity and create their own levels which is one of the main aspects that made it as popular as it is today.
History of Unreal
June 1998: Unreal
November 1999: Unreal Tournament
March/July 2001: The Unreal Developer Network
September 2002: Unreal Championship and Unreal Tournament 2003
February 2003: Unreal II
March 2004: Unreal Tournament 2004
April 2005: Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict
November 2006: Gears of War
November 2007: Unreal Tournament 3
Frostbite Engine
The Frostbite engine. With the most recent one, Frostbite 3, coming into play with Battlefield 4, I find it will be another benchmark for game engines to come. Concentrating on the physics, Frostbite 3's most popular feature is its destruction realism. The effects and detail that comes along with this engine is outstandingly amazing and is one of the best game engines that exist currently. The engine was first used by DICE to create first-person shooters, but it has been expanded to include various other genres such as racing and real-time strategy and is employed by a number of EA studios.
Frostbite Engine History
2008: Battlefield: Bad Company
2009: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
2010: Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam
2011: Battlefield 3/Need for Speed: the run/Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand
2012: Battlefield 3: Close Quarters/Battlefield 3: Armored Kill/Medal of Honor: Warfighter
2013: Battlefield 3: Aftermath/Battlefield 3: End Game/Army of Two: The Devils Cartel
2014:Battlefield 4/Dragon Age III: Inquisition/Mass Effect
The CryEngine was a brutal game engine that existed. Known to push hardware to its absolute limits with the Crysis series, the game engine pushed a lot into the visual looks, that is a slight understatement but it's no lie that it was a power hungry engine . Their use of pixel shaders allowed the creation of realistic water effects. The best of this was that there was no load time this meant players could experience a huge detailed area full of particles, realistic water and all of the aspects you'd expect from a game engine, except this was done on a whole new level . Although this sounds great you did NEED to have a the best systems to run games powered by it as it was just too powerful to try and run it without.
CryEngine History
CryEngine: Far Cry/Far Cry Instincts/Far Cry Instincts: Evolution/Far Cry Instincts: Predator/Far Cry Vengeance
CryEngine 2: Crysis/Crysis Warhead
CryEngine 3: Crysis (Console Re-Release)/Crysis 2/ Crysis 3
CryEngine (4th generation):Ryse: Son of Rome
Purpose of Game Engines

Purpose of Game Engines

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