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    A set of halogen lights produced to specific requirements for the shadow theatre industry.
Hand Held Halogen Light
I designed the light using MDF as it would be easy to machine into ergonomic shapes required for the hand held aspect. These were cut out on a laser cutter and fitted together with high temperature glue and M3 nuts and bolts. High temperature paint was used to paint the inside and outside black (required for clarity of shadow). The curved backs were moulded in fibreglass. 
The filters would slot into a compartment on the operational side of the light, covered by a velcro strap to keep it in and stop light bleed (above images). 
The above image is of the wiring set up through the fibreglass. The two screws visible are holding the wires in place with a clip on the inside. This protects the internal wiring from coming loose in some of the more energetic sequences in shadow theatre.