Pınar "Kido Reklam Yıldızlarını Arıyor" Microsite
Our challenge:
Kido is the children's milk branch of turkey's leading dairy products brand "Pınar" and is the only milk, flavored with real fruits and chocolate.

Children's milk market is highly competitive in turkey where competitors are endrosing their brands by using well-known self characters or popular licensed cartoon characters which children already love. And we have our own character "Kido". It'd be a huge advantage against our competitors if we could manage to transform Kido into  a friendly, popular and "one of us" hero.

What did we do?

To further enhance children's relationship with Kido and to take it to a new "real" level,
we launched the "Kido is looking for advertising stars" competition under our brand's main platform

To participate in the competition, users; uploaded their photos, wrote their adventure stories with Kido,
shared their entries through our competition's social media tools.
and pulled votes in order to be the new advertising star of Kido...

What we got?
~900.000 visits to website of which 70,56% are new visitors
74.298 competition entries voted by 64.328 members
we got 164.352 votesin total

...and a winner!
Ahmet Berkay starred at Kido's new tv commercial
and made his dream real by becoming an advertising star.