The Tweet Life - Summer Edition
Match WWE Superstars with their Tweets
Given the WWE's substantial social media presence, KMart partnered with the company to create a cobranded game. I designed this game four season game having the player match WWE Superstars with their Tweets. The first version of this game was released on July 1st 2011, so summer and fourth of july themed. The next versions will represent Fall/Halloween, Winter/Holidays, Spring/Spring Break. 
As the first iteration in this seasonal game I created a general style guide to follow. I went with a combination of a twitter like sky color pallet / cloud background and cartoon representations of the season (balloon, lush green grass, american flag selection screen and orange color accents). The navigation on at the beginning is self explanatory but decided keep the instructions present throughout the game so the player is never confused. 
Once the intro animation is completed the player can begin by matching Tweets to the WWE Superstars. On mouse hover each text cloud becomes easily legible. Though I think the whimsical acoustic guitar music and chirping bird would brighten anyone's day I gave the option mute. 
Depending on the player's performance there are three separate outcomes.

12 - Right, 0 - Wrong: PERFECT! 
11 - 3 Right: Pass
0 -3 Right: Fail