Drawings in Steel/Frank Plant
Taking in the laundry, Painted Steel, 140cm x 90cm, 2009
Corkscrew II, Steel, 166cm x 53cm, 2009
"Sunday on the Terrace", 350cm x 120cm, Steel, 2007
"Chuck Taylors", Steel, 356x98cm, 2004
Favela IV, 250cm x 150cm, Steel, 2006
Pistol, Steel, 202x152, 1999
Headphones, Steel, 128x117, 2001
Brain, Steel, 140x140, 2001
Awkward Moment no.2. In Collaboration with Thomas Charveriat
Hostages, Series of 6, Steel, Mixed Media, 55cm x 20cm (each), 2007
Hostage #1 The Stupid Consumer (El Consumidor Estupido) , Steel, Jute, Fabric, 55cm x 22cm, 2007
Boombox, Steel, 150x118,  2002
The Artist Falls Off His Soapbox, Steel, 102cm x 54cm, 2008
Celia, Steel, Cloth and Plaster doll (Made by Jenny Sorenson), 131cm x 62cm, 2007
"La Cola", Steel bar and Plate, 270x110cm, 2007
Tone Arm, Steel, 157x58, 2004
In the end we're all complicated, Steel, Mixed Media, 57cm x 52cm (for the moment), 2008
Max at his Father's Table, Steel, glass carafe, 193cm x 145cm x 4cm, 2008
WH(Y)?, Painted Steel, 218cm x 125cm, 2006
The Big Guy Tries to Raise the Level of the Discourse by Hurling aLarge Gravy Boat, Steel, Ceramic Gravy Boat, 50cm x 23cm, 2007
Baby Jesus Welder, Steel, 63cm x 100cm, 2008
"When They Come Looking For Their Money (They won't care if your Vasque, Catalan, Andalusian or Gallegan)", Steel, 287cm x120cm, 2007

Liberty, Steel, Plexi, MDF, LED's, 109cm x 97cm, 2007
(Technical support provided Remi Melander)
Stay on Message, Steel, mixed media, 200cm x 200cm, 2008
Stay on Message(detail), Steel, mixed media, 200cm x 200cm, 2008
One Day You too Can Work In Advertising, Steel, Old Socks, 105cm x 94cm, 2008
Drawings in Steel/Frank Plant

Drawings in Steel/Frank Plant

Drawings in Steel by Barcelona based artist Frank Plant. Subject content ranges from everyday objects to the social and politically provocative.

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