Perceive: Design for Meaningful Experiences
Perceive: Design for Meaningful Experiences
01. The Identity
Perceive was an art and design show organized by the Media Design Club of FIT, held on May 20, 2014 at the Helen Mills Event Space. As the fourth annual effort of the club, Perceive presented a curated collection of student work that centered around the theme of Design for Meaningful Experiences. The exhibition drew submissions that ranged across media as diverse as books and posters to animations, websites and mobile apps.
A collaboration with Olena Subchuk, we worked on the event’s visual identity, website and promotional applications. We created a moving logo that changes its composition according to the application it's intended for. The core shapes of the word 'perceive' are preserved to maintain the logo's integrity, while the supplementary shapes are freely adjustable.
02. The Promotional Interviews
As a part of the exhibition and a promotional effort, the Media Design Club reached out to designers in New York to get the stories of what shaped the way they think and their approach in design. We recorded our interviews with them and shared their career insights with our club members and colleagues.
We sincerely appreciate the following designers' participation in our exhibition:
Glen Cummings, MTWTF
Jesse Reed, Pentagram
Zipeng Zhu, Sagmeister & Walsh
Dan Covert & Andre Andreev, Dress Code
Interviews conducted, shot and edited by Isha Walia, Sean Suchara, Clarissa Vu
Watch the rest of the interviews here
03. The Event
For the opening night, we crafted a three-dimensional, multi-functional installation of the logo that served as the exhibition's main brand element, an interactive piece for the collection and a live documentation of the event itself. The live stream was implemented through a stationary camera attached directly above the installation and projected onto a screen.