2014 - Michael Jackson - Thriller - 100x Platinum Award
Approximately 52"x52" - This was the largest and most extravagant plaque I made at my time at Jewel Box Platinum. After meeting with the estate and Sony Music I designed a dozen or so possible awards to commemorate the worldwide sales of more than 100 million copies of Michael Jackson's immortal Thriller album and 7 of the 9 tracks being top 10 singles.
There are 100 cds around the outside of the plaque with gold lasercut plexiglass corners with gold plates hilighting sales hilights of the record. 7 platinum 45 records with their respective single covers sit beneath the black and gold plexiglass lasercut 100 MILLION and counting letters.
Less than 10 of these pieces were made and this was the first. You can see the attention to detail in the gold plexi backer which is not only lasercut around the outside shape but reverse lasercut etched with the MJ and Crown details.
The lasercut globe behind the artist and album title is a shiny silver "flexibrass". The letters themselves are lasercut black and gold plexiglass.
John Branca and Karen Langford of the Michael Jackson estate receiving the first award from Sony Music head Antonio "L.A." Reid at the official Xscape listening party in New York.
From @michaeljackson on instagram.