Activity 1 - Characteristics of a Good Game
Good Game Characteristics:
- Be original; Don't steal other ideas
- Make the player want to play over and over again
- Be exciting
- Should be surprising
- Equal opportunity of winning
- No cheating
- No early elimination
- Even winning chances
- Still has theoretical possiblity of winning
- Great graphics
- Interesting gameplay/plot
- Have interesting sound effects/music
- Should match the skills of the player
- Should be easy to play (not too difficult)
- Have a competition or goal
Activity 2 - Skitch
~Black Ops just because 0:)~
~Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3~
Activity 3 - Best Game Ever!
~My Favoutire Game~
Activity 4 - LOGO Design
First 5 = Idea's
Next 2 = Edited versions of what i might do
Final Logo = Good Copy
~Idea 1~
~Idea 2~
~Idea 3~
~Idea 4~
~Idea 5~
~Idea 1 edited~
~Idea 5 edited~
~Final Copy~
Activity 5 - Character Design
Walking Sprites (halloween theme)
- War Starter
- Cat
~Sprite 1~
~Sprite 2~
~Sprite 2 Good Copy~
~3 Sprites and assets~
~Sprite, Assets and Background~
Rich Activity - Flappy Remake
~character design~
~Sprite 1~
~Sprite 2~
~Cloud Floor (Unable to view because its white)~
~Cloud Upper Pipe~
~Cloud Lower Pipe~
~Title Screen (no button)~
~Game Over Screen (No Buttons)~
Unit 1 Reflection
1. On which activities throughout the unit did you do your best work? Describe your final outcome. Do you feel that it was successful? Why?
The activities I felt like I did my best work on was the LOGO (activity 4), the sprites (activity 5), and the rich activity. I felt like I was successful because when using illustrator I put a lot of effort in trying to make my LOGO/sprites the best I can make them.
2. Did you enjoy a certain assignment, unit, or topic more than the others? Is there anything you might have done differently?
The assignment I enjoyed the most was the floppy re-make, because for the first time in my life I was able to create my own game while understanding a little bit of the coding along with it. I would've improved my coding for Construct, but the coding from the sources I got the information from wouldn't work. Since I don't fully understand Construct, I can't fix my mistakes yet.
3. Can you connect any of the things you learned in this unit to the real world?
I learned that some logos have hidden symbols within them, and that logo's I've thought were plain actually have significant meaning in them.
4. Do you feel like you were successful throughout the unit?
Yes, I feel like I was successful throughout the unit because of all the hard work I put into it, but I feel like I could've improved, also.
5. What are your aims/goals for units 2-4?
My goals are to improve my ideas into something a little more detailed, and to understand Construct 2 a little better and making my own game during my own free-time, showing I understand coding
6. Is there any media/theme which you are very keen on pursuing (in future units/activities)?
I plan to make an Original character as one of my themes for the next unit. I don't really have any media that I'm keen on pursuing yet.
7. Is there any particular aspect of your work that you would like to improve on?
There's no particular aspect that I would like to improve, but there are minor aspects in everything which I plan on improving in the future.
Unit 1

Unit 1

This is my grade 9 App, Game and Web Development Unit 1 portfolio :)


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