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    Brand Development program for a Dallas, TX based Orthopedic group.
Brand Redevelopment for an orthopedic group in Dallas Texas.
Mobile versions of the main website and physician pages were designed so that finding a physician in your area and making an appointment with a specific doctor is as easy as possible.
Ongoing print campaings were also developed to reflect the new aesthetic.
All social media was updated to reflect the new brand aesthetic.
Various ongoing digital campaigns were developed in accordance with the new aesthetic as well.
Next, the marketing team at Growth Matters Media came up with the idea of creating a sub brand called OrthoBits that would essentially function as a blog and Facebook page where people could get free orthopedic advice and general health advice.
We used the same typeface as OrthoTexas in order to keep the branding consistent while a varying color pallette distinguised OrthoBits as a separate, sub brand. We also kept the idea of identical shapes coming together in order to form a whole. Using a similar flat, icon-based aesthetic further seamed the brands together.
Finally, another sub brand called SportsmanshipFirst.org was created as a non-profit funded by OrthoTexas in order to promote sportsmanlike conduct in junior high and high school sports. 
Again we used the same language of many different elements coming together to form a whole, while being able to break apart into different icons that represented the brands core message.
We created the branding program for SportsmanshipFirst.org in order to feel cohesive with the OrthoTexas brand. Again, using the same typeface as OrthoTexas in order to create a parrellel between the brands, but using a different color pallette to distinguish this non profit as a separate brand.
We designed the website to be as simple and engaging as possible. We commissioned our friend Matt Choi to create an animation based on the brand aesthetic we created that explained what SportsmanshipFirst.org is all about and how to use the site.
The branding campaign was applied to all social media outlets.
Print and direct mail marketing was also created to advertise the new non-profit funded by OrthoTexas.