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SATZUMA / Product Catalogue Photographs
I came to know Satzuma and its ideals while working there as an intern graphic designer during the summer of 2012. The London-based company is best known for its eye-catching novelty accessories for desktop computers targeted for young adults. Since possessing the graphic skills in a real working environment, I am happy to be relied on for several freelance commissions involving photography and layout based projects to this day.
My role in this project was to provide and edit real photograph images to showcase Satzuma's upcoming products for the 2014/2015 season. A half year's worth of on-and-off commissions culminated in catalogue format in summer 2014.
The book consisted of 34 pages in total. 80% of the photos are from my own input; another colleague was in charge of catalogue design and illustrated graphics. Here I include a short selection of close-up hi-res PNG images, group shots, POS and invididual thumbnails.
All alterations were done with Adobe Photoshop.
Thanks for checking this page out. Visit the Satzuma webpage here to learn more about the brand.
^     "Lifestyle Gadgets" catalogue page excerpts pages 4-5
^^    Lens Camera Cup
^^^  Group shot featuring all products at range

^     "Satzuma Sound" catalogue page excerpts pages 8-9
^^   Zipper Headphones, four colours
^     "Sound Gadgats" catalogue page excerpts pages 4-5
^^    Speaker Bomb smart phone speaker
^^^  DJ Panda smart phone speaker

^      "Diamante Products" catalogue page excerpts pages 26-27
^^     Pink Diamante Mouse
^^^   Purple Diamante Pen
^^^^ White Diamante Headphones
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SATZUMA / Product Catalogue Photographs

SATZUMA / Product Catalogue Photographs

Satzuma desktop gadgets shown in the product catalogue for the 2014/2015 season. My sole involvement in this was to produce and edit photograph i Read More