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    Alternative movie poster for I Am a Ghost
Alternative movie poster for I Am a Ghost.
Emily — vector illustration.
Emily — sketch
Ok, so horror films are not really my thing, my mom made me watch The Exorcist when I was around 6 I think, and it just kinda turned me off the genre... She was a bit weird. But anyways, I just saw this little movie called I Am a Ghost and it was haunting! It's about this girl that always repeats the same routine because she is a ghost but she doesn't know it, and obviously there's more to it than just that, but I don't want to spoil the film since you should really watch it because it's a small indie film and you should watch it :-)
Ok, where was I?, right it's just a quiet, little movie with just a girl and this voice that talks to her that's actually a medium helping her cross over, the film it's kinda quiet and artsy but I dug it!  I liked especially the repetition part because I think ghost are residual energy from a moment and whatever is left will keep acting out that moment forever and this movie captured that really well.
So I wanted to make a silly little poster for this one while also practicing my drawing skills, I wanted to draw something without any reference at all, just go at it in my sketch book and see if I could make it not ugly and I also wanted to keep a very clean, simple style to the whole poster. It was really done just for fun.
Hope you guys like it, it was just a fun little exercise, and as always thanks for watching!