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    Vienna's calling final shot. Made for nineteen74 by Factory 311 and Jurgen Knoth.


Wow What’s just happened ?A somewhat fashionable eruption of modernity has hit Austria’s primary city- Vienna.We are in a world confronted with social chaos. There is no ‘real’ future. It merges the spirit of the past and the essence of today.Fashion will always determine the ‘new’-likewise modernity ; except i twill be surpassed with something between the past and present of Vienna’s glory, at the edge.Hotel Imperial was where the shoot deep inside the minds of NINETEEN74 ; a project consisting of thirty, or more people from designers, models and stylists alike. The photographer Jürgen Knoth, flirted with the idea that Vienna as a city has finally been recognized for its fashion but rather its history. Consider this masterpiece, a vibe synonymous to the Baroque period.They’ve done it again and following the success and the initial concept of London’s Calling, Raoul Keil and Nicholas Hardy were itching to push things forward ; only this time, it was Vienna’s turn to break the mould. And Jürgen Knoth was the star of the show.For now, Vienna’s desire to change and to revolutionize a new generation is disrupted by ‘haunted’ past what was once a promise is now a threat to their future.Get more detailed the info at www.factory311.com  www.juergenknoth.com and of course www.nineteen74.com.