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SMS&P Keynote 2014 Microsoft Global Exchange
Microsoft Global Exchange 2014 Atlanta, GA.

9 Screen WATCHOUT Keynote for Vahé Torossian
Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners
Microsoft Global Exchange Atlanta, GA 2014.
Agency: Mind Opera
Creative Lead, Executive Producer: David Johnson
Creative Direction, Editing: Bryan Schaeffer
WATCHOUT programming: Tamara Yurkan
WATCHOUT operator: Chris Sommerville
Graphic Design: Joel Kolding
Visual Effects: Eric Felberg
Staging and Lighting Design: Alex Berry
Sound Design: Tom McGurk
Copywriter: Vandy Kindred
Keynote Creative Brief Summary
Every year Microsoft gathers their sales teams from all over the world for a Sales meeting.  This year it will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta Georgia on July 21th through the 25th.  
We will be working with The Small to Midmarket Solutions and Partners (SMS&P) to create a dynamic keynote to celebrate their accomplishments, inspire them to sell more cloud services, get them to understand the sea of change the cloud represents, give them guidance to achieve 2015 goals, challenge them to lead their customers and others around them. The audience is estimated 2,000 live attendees and an addition 2,000+ for live streaming, on demand views day of and weeks after event.
This will be accomplished by putting together and executing a 90-minute Keynote with Vahé Torossian, consisting of interspersed videos/concepts supporting and augmenting his information and stories. Each business team will have additional breakout sessions and tracks which need to be aligned to the Accelerating our Transformation SMSG theme and the SMS&P key concepts.
Opening Video - Voice Over Text
Every day the sun rises.
Every day a city wakes up.
Windows opened…
Dreams launched.
Opportunities unleashed.
Anything is achievable.
And for us…
in SMS&P …
Everything is possible.
A spirited Vahé Torossian takes the stage to deliver his keynote message.
Where we started from – Transform is about positioning in a new direction.  FY14 was a foundation year for building our strategy and best practices for selling cloud services.  
Where we are – Accelerate & Scale is about speed and agility.  Increase the pace and momentum while using the winning recipe.  Take action now, don’t postpone.
Awards delivered in 3d!
Where we are going  – Expand beyond what you though possible.
Throughout history, ordinary people have been trying tried to do what was seemingly impossible.
Doubters told them their goal was unreachable.
There was no way it could be done.
You’re crazy for trying.
Nobody does it that way.
It’s too far.
That idea will never stick.
But giving up was not an option.
They knew their ideas were worth the risk.
And with one giant step forward…
Their imagination soon became their reality.
With the same courage, conviction and bold vision.
We can make anything possible.
You can make anything possible…
What is your Impossible?
SMS&P Keynote 2014 Microsoft Global Exchange

SMS&P Keynote 2014 Microsoft Global Exchange

Creative for 90 minute keynote for Microsoft Executive.