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Welcome to the showcase of Mint Detail, a project where innovation meets automotive elegance. As the design agency behind Mint Detail's branding and mobile application, we embarked on a journey to seamlessly blend convenience with sophistication in the realm of mobile car detailing.

Our collaboration with
Mint Detail began with a deep dive into their vision: to revolutionize the car detailing industry by bringing top-notch services directly to their customers' doorsteps. This initial stage involved extensive brainstorming sessions and market research to understand the target audience and competitive landscape.

With a clear understanding of Mint Detail's ethos, we embarked on the branding phase. Here, we crafted a visual identity that reflected Mint Detail's commitment to quality and convenience. From the sleek logo design to the vibrant color palette, every element was meticulously chosen to resonate with Mint Detail's audience and distinguish the brand in a crowded market.
Simultaneously, our team delved into the development of the mobile application—a crucial component of Mint Detail's service offering. The process began with wireframing and prototyping, where we mapped out the user journey and interface design to ensure a seamless booking experience. Iterative testing and feedback loops allowed us to refine the app's functionality and usability, ultimately delivering a user-friendly platform that makes booking a car detailing appointment a breeze.

Mint Detail's branding and mobile application took shape, we focused on integrating the two seamlessly. Consistency across all touchpoints was key, ensuring that the branding elements seamlessly transitioned into the digital realm, creating a cohesive and memorable user experience.

Mint Detail stands as a testament to our collaborative efforts—a brand that embodies convenience, quality, and innovation in mobile car detailing. From the initial conceptualization to the final execution, our partnership with Mint Detail exemplifies the power of design in transforming ideas into reality.

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Car Detailing - Mobile App | Brand Identity | UI/UX

Car Detailing - Mobile App | Brand Identity | UI/UX

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