There was two request to do illustrations for ROCKWOOL company (doing firesafe insulation products). It was corporate magazine with company news for clients called ROCKWOOL Expert.
For first issue client choosed pixelart isometric style. Here are some process from lineart to final image:
 Here's final image for first issue. It shows using of Rockwool production in building site.
Some zoomed parts:
For second issue client decided to choose different style for illustration. It's need to be still isometric, but more cartoonish and not in pixelart. 
I started to sketch, here's first rough, it shows process of Rockwool production line:
For the illustration rendering I choosed vector style with some gradients. 
From this point together with client we decided to change illustration style from strict isometric to literally cartoonsh one. Just needed to do thing from scratch again=) Here's rough of new version:
Everyone was agree that it's exactly what it's need to see! 
Some further process:
And final image:
Some zoomed parts:
After finishing project I'm always ask to send me printed version of magazine or book if possible. 
That's it, thanks for reading!