This was a commission for a wedding gift. I was given a photo and creative freedom so I tried something new. I work a lot with hand cut stencils on papers, wood, canvas, metal and other materials, however, I've never worked on acrylic. I really wanted the couple to pop off the image. I played with the colors in the original image in photoshop. I then had a sign shop print the edited image onto a clear vinyl that I then applied to the second surface of a piece of clear acrylic. My initial plan was to then sand the first surface of the acrylic to create a frosted/hazy effect, however, I tried this method with a piece of scrap acrylic and couldn't get it to look how I wanted. That being said, I moved forward working on the glossy surface of the acrylic. Ultimately, I ended up pleased with the outcome.

I used a piece of 3/16" acrylic. I think the effect could've been even more dramatic if i used thicker acrylic but for the scale of this project (16"x36") the 3/16" worked great.

I built the frame using a kreg jig for the joints, 1x3 and lattice, sanded primed and painted. The finished product looked pretty clean and modern.

**I did not take the original photo used for the stencil. It was provided to my by the person who commissioned the painting.
this is the stencil for the darker purple before I sprayed it
finished product