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    "The inkmaster" - Live painting during the Volvo Art Session at the Zürich main station (CH), 2011.
For the Volvo Art Session project, organized by Eqal, we were invited to be part of the 10 artists that has to paint on the Volvo S60 car and on its background from the 09.02.2011 to the 13.02.2011at the Zürich main station. Every artist had to complete his work in 10 hours (we realized "The inkmaster") and everything was recorded and photographed to make videos to be shown during the Geneva Car Show 2011 and as advertising for Volvo. The event was also live on two webcams and during our performance the photographer Michel Comte realized a photo-shooting with the model Melanie Winiger. The other artists involved in the project were: C-Line, Blackyard, Yummy Industries, DAIM, Michel FR, Pius Portmann, Sukibamboo, Donovan & Onur, Wes21. 

As final product, with the images taken during the event, was created a limited edition Art Book, presented during the Kunst11 art fair in Zurich (CH) in november 2011.