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    A design concept of a London 2012 Olympics mobile smartphone application.
London 2012 Olympic App
Concept design of a London 2012 companion app for the Windows Phone
As a Londoner I am exited as many other Londoners are about the 2012 Olympics. After getting past the initial worry and criticism of the government and mayoral plans (a normal British thing to do) we eventually embraced and celebrated the fact that the Olympics will be hosted here. The design of the Logo drew more criticism which I remember not being part of. I loved it, it was different, it was sharp and clean but most of all, back to the original adjective I used, it was "different".

I know with media and community pressure a lot of money may not be spent on additional finishing's that may make the games great. One such thing I fear wont happen is a mobile phone application. I decided to create a concept design of an app to run the Windows Phone. It will be an informative, fun, and refreshing app. It will allow you to get travel information such as delays or times in order to make your way around the olympic park or outside venues. It will have a medals table so you can see which country is in the lead. A news section so you can keep up to date with all the sporting events. Whats on now section will display the different British Television and radio broadcast channels and what they are currently covering. Further ideas that are not illustrated below include the augmented reality section which will be available should you be standing within the Olympic Park. The phones camera will display on screen and over laid on that video feed will be icons on screen displaying in real time where the venues,stations, car-parks, toilets, security, shops and restaurants are. This will link back to the map section...and so on.

The concept had to look and feel like it was for the london 2012 olympics, hence I researched the design style, put together a board of imagery by my desk from leaflets, website, images and publications from LOCOG.

You may notice that I have not used the Logo of the London Olympics. It states in their guidelines that the Brand cannot be used unless they are a sponsor. So in order to be within the guide lines I have not used the logo and any other branding. By using colour and layout and the Font I have achieved a look that is synonymous with the 2012 Olympics.